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Co.As.It. and INAS-Cisl, together for the community

What is WiTCare?

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The aim of this project is to assist those who have difficulty and are unable to attend a Patronato office and who need help not only with welfare issues, but also with help in matters that arise with Italian and local authorities.

Co.As.It. Melbourne offers a wide range of home-based services. These include its Access & Support projects, Home Care Packages (HCP), Flexible Respite Care for Carers, Social Support Group and the Visitation Program.

Patronato INAS-Cisl has been assisting Italians living in Australia with welfare matters, pensions and social security issues since 1972. It has offices in Victoria, NSW, , Queensland, South Australia and the ACT.

WiTCare is the coming together of both these institutions who will work together and share their services in order to further support the Italian community.

What do we offer

Patronato INAS-Cisl Australia offers the Italian community assistance in all matters to do with welfare, the pension and social security issues.

Pension applications
Change of Residency / Change of Address

Download the pdf:

Change of Adress.pdf
Nominating or Changing Bank Account Details
‘Proof of Life’ (Life Validation) Certificate
Income Assessment Audit
Access and Support Program
Home Care Packages
Visitation Program
Social Support Group
Flexible Respite Care for Carers

Contact us

Contact us for any information or help required in all matters to do with welfare, pension and social security issues. We will get back to you with a customized solution to your needs and requirements.

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